Blood Transfusion

Our mission is help carry-out safe blood transfusion that helps saves needy lives.

  • Advocating safe blood transfusion

  • Save hundreds of lives.

  • Giving the gift of life.

[stitle]Life Saving Education[/stitle]
Our youth health awareness project helps children live healthier lives.

  • Preventing further spread of HIV/AIDS.

  • Increase awareness of ways to reach aid.

Financial Aid

Our Child Support Programme is designed to help vulnerable families.

  • Investing in the community.

  • Arrangements for micro-loans.

More about SBG

SAFEBLOOD GHANA FOUNDATION is a non – profit making organization advocating safe blood transfustion,HIV/AIDS,STD’s and comminity development.We also help orphans and youth who are affected by HIV/AIDS in Ghana ,as well as ensuring that the youths are aware of the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS  and prevention techniques .

Safe blood Ghana foundation seek to  prevent the further spread of HIV and mitigate personal, community impact of AIDS through provision of quality medical care, counseling and education to the infected and the affected; improve access to HIV treatment, care and support; and lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Our  YOUTH HEALTH AWARENESS PROJECT (YHAP) for high school youth focus on using innovative method .we foster creative methods while rasing awareness through infomation sessions, educational programmesand ensuring that the youth are aware of the issue of  surrounding HIV/AIDS and prevention techniques.

Our CHILD SUPPORT PROGRAMME  (CSP) is a unque right-based approach to extend mirco-credit loans to most vulnerable families.The reinvestment of the loan into community fund creates a sustainable solution to the orphan crisis intergrating education with fananical ,social,emotional and health -related assistance for more children each year.

Safe blood Ghana foundation also  focus on the following objectives:

  • Recruitment and retention of adequate voluntary non-remunerated safe blood donors for all blood centers in the region.
  • Creating HIV/AIDS, STD’s awareness campaigns through blood donor education programmes .
  • Development and promotion of rural communities to empower them to greater control of their standard of living through health education programmes.
  • Empowerment of girl child education and communities to improve their social conditions; for education is the means to bring change and its goes hand in hand with development.
  • Forming partnership with local non governmental organizations (NGO) both home and abroad, individuals and other organizations that are completely focused on the well being of other people through safe blood donation girl child education and empowerment of community development.